Cloud Engineer

I make web based applications from infrastructure to user.

I use whatever is best for the job, but have a preference for Laravel when a frontend is needed or Serverless Application Model (SAM) when there isn’t. For infrastructure, I use AWS.

I’ve worked with Startups, Agencies and Enterprise clients, and found that my style works in pretty much all circumstances.

I get shit done. I work at pace, test well, document what’s needed and deliver often.

Get it touch. Let’s build something cool.

Have worked with Stu on a number of projects over the years, he’s always someone reliable we come back to. He’s a very diligent developer, takes time to understand a problem and then articulates it back so us normies can fully understand it. Would always recommend. - Iggy Hammick, Founder, Dark Blue

A great mixture of smarts, helpfulness and business acumen made Stu a true leader in our team. Really enjoyed our time working together and thinking creatively to solve some complex problems at scale. - Elliot Taylor, Cybersecurity Expert

Passionate Ops lead. Great at both solving the technical problems and building a team. - Alfred Nutile, Founder, Sundance Solutions

Stu is an exceptionally skilled and professional Engineer who knows what he’s doing and is highly reliable. The most skilled DevOps Engineer I’ve ever worked with – A great problem solver and skilled DevOps and Software Engineer; an excellent addition to any team or project. - Patrick Organ, Open Source Advocate and Lead Developer